Freak Show Shuffle

A freaky amount of fun!

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Tightrope Games The company

Who We Are

Tightrope Games LLC is a company working to deliver the best tabletop games and products to market, designed by gamers for gamers.

  • Experience

    Having decades of gaming, game design, playtesting and gaming criticism/review experience, our team boasts a diverse and comprehensive expertise in the industry. 

  • Innovation

    Here at Tightrope Games we pride ourselves in our ability to bring to market new and unique products. Our products offer a high degree of re-playability and customization to fulfill your gaming group’s needs.

  • Excellence

    We stand by our products. Our games will not only entertain you, but it is our hope that through our games, you will pursue excellence, push your abilities to the limit and strive for individual achievement.

  • Trust

    With countless hours of playtesting and input from our focus groups and testers, you can be assured our products will thrill and entertain.
    We only manufacture products we enjoy and we take pride in placing our seal upon the games we produce with your support.

  • Challenge

    With some of the sharpest minds in the industry, we can assure you our games will provide adequate entertainment and challenge for gamers of varying experience and skill.

  • By Gamers, For Gamers

    We are gamers like you, and we know what is fun. We pride ourselves in getting to know the tastes, preferences and core concepts different gaming groups value in a product.
    We only manufacture products we ourselves enjoy playing.

Without challenge, without a sense of wonder, without an opportunity to discover and push our minds to the limit, without the opportunity to leave our marks on this world, we marginalize our very existences. Within each and every one of us, there is an imperative to want more, to achieve, and to find that sense of accomplishment only reached by overcoming adversity. It is in those challenges we reach the lofty heights of character, tempered by adversity and experience. Our lives become a summation of our inherent abilities, achievements and our struggles.

Be brilliant!

The Tightrope Games Team

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